We are located in Roncesvalles Village, in the Toronto west end, serving communities of High Park, Bloor West Village, Queen West, the Junction and beyond.
We offer Manual Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Corrective Exercise Therapy and other modalities for treatments of any musculoskeletal problems, sports injury and post accident rehabilitation and some systemic conditions such as: Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Vertigo and Post-concussion Syndrome among others

Specializing in the treatment of chronic conditions




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kinesis  (from Greek) – movement, motion


  •  Our approach is guided by the philosophy of treating the body as a whole.
  •  We believe in movement – proper mobility of the joints and muscles, unrestricted breathing and blood circulation are necessary to facilitate the healing.
  •  We always aim to find the root cause of a dysfunction for quick and lasting improvement.
  •  Corrective exercises and self care are important parts of the successful therapy.
  •  Our goal is to efficiently address your health concerns and to help you improve overall health and stay injury free.   read more

Manual Osteopathy

Massage Therapy

Corrective Exercise Therapy

Manual Osteopathy is a “hands on” therapy, which effectiveness lies in its unique philosophy of treating the person not a dysfunction and improving the function of the whole body through correcting the structural alignment and mobility.  read more

Massage Therapy is used to address a variety of ailments or to maintain one’s health and well being. There are many subcategories of Massage, at Kinesis we offer Rehabilitative Massage Therapy, which focuses on treatment and prevention of injuries.  read more 


Corrective Exercise Therapy, also known as Kinesiotherapy – literally movement therapy – is the use of specifically designed exercises in rehabilitation and prevention of injuries, posture correction or improvement of general health and wellness.   read more